According to a new study published in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, almost half of all hospitalized patients age 65 or older needed someone to help them with at least one major medical decision. Who provided this support? 58% were daughters, 20% were sons, and 20% were spouses, wives included.

As I write at TIME magazine,

Everyone admires the woman who can “have it all,” be a mother, wife, and have a career and a full personal life. When we talk about what derails women’s careers, the conversation focuses on having children. The truth is that “sandwich generation” women have a lot more on their plate.

We need to do more to take the brunt of that burden off women. You can read more of my thoughts about this at

Posted by Jennifer Brokaw

Dr. Jennifer Brokaw worked for fourteen years as a board-certified emergency physician before becoming a private consultant, patient advocate, writer, and speaker on the topics of end-of-life planning, medical decision-making and medical advocacy.

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