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Dr. Jennifer Brokaw Is an Emergency Physician by training and certification, but has worked to help patients and families navigate serious illness and eldercare since 2010. More recently, she’s been consulting with the SF Firefighter’s Cancer Prevention Foundation to assist firefighters with serious cancer. 

Dr. Brokaw is also concerned about the burden of care giving that comes with an aging population, having been a caregiver for her uncle with Alzheimer’s Disease. She is working with the Michael J. Fox Foundation on a planning guide for the end of life for patients and families dealing with Parkinson’s Disease

She has spoken and written about end-of-life planning, medical decision-making, and medical advocacy in a variety of settings. She has appeared as a speaker at TEDxStanford, Chicago Ideas Week, the Chautauqua Institution, JCC Manhattan, and the Commonwealth Club of California. Her work has been the subject of stories in the New York Times and SFGate. Articles by Dr. Brokaw have appeared in TIME, the Washington Post, Business Insider, STAT, and other publications.

Jennifer Brokaw is active with the Elizabeth Warren campaign because she has come to believe that a single payer health system is the only way to curb spiraling health care costs and prevent medical bankruptcies. She is a moderator in the Doctors and Nurses for Warren online community.

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