Can We Find the Right Formula for Legal Physician-Assisted Death?

“Such a shame,” people remarked about the deaths by suicide of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

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One response to “Can We Find the Right Formula for Legal Physician-Assisted Death?”

  1. Jeff Cranston Avatar
    Jeff Cranston

    I certainly understand that this is a delicate subject for many, mostly due to religious and flat out risks in handling it poorly as well. But I also see another failing and that is the business of keeping people alive who’s quality of life is so diminished, it is a form of hell on earth. Yes, some reach their senior years without excessive pain and pass peacefully, but many suffer for years or decades with dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, etc and are soaked for every last dime of money that can be squeezed out of a patient or the taxpayers. Or those who can’t afford it are forced to suffer at home and, at times, can’t afford to end the suffering so resort to more drastic suicide. I’m embarrassed for humans who can’t figure this out while animals are treated with more dignity and mercy. And yes, we are animals too, no? We are so good at coming up with nuclear and chemical weapons but we can’t come up with a method that is efficient and painless and economical in a more positive direction? Why is death not equally as important as birth?